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Christina Gindl in our surf swimwear onepiece kedungu in black


Christina Gindl, pictured in the Ninefoot Studio - Onepiece Kedungu in Black shares why she loves bikinis for surfing and how she started her jewelry business.

Name: Christina Gindl

Origin: Austria (Mountains and snow)

Zodiac sign: Aries

Chinese sign: Not sure

Moon orientation: Sagittarius

Local surf spot: Temples, Uluwatu 

Favorite ninefoot pieces: Kedungu Terracotta 🌹

Favorite Shaper: CI Surfboards

Surfboard: CI Al Merrick OG Flyer

Instagram: christinagindl

Tell me about yourself. (Intro) (Where do you live, what you do?)

I currently live between Portugal and Bali, spending Jan-Juli in Bali and the rest pretty much in Portugal. I think I’ve done 100 different jobs already [haha]. I always have so many ideas and let my creativity flow, getting carried away. But a year ago I started my own business together with a friend - it’s called Nature is Prana and it’s Ayurvedic inspired jewelry.

I’ve started studying Ayurveda 2 years ago and it changed my life completely. For the better. In many many ways! I needed to create something where I can combine this incredible topic, my creativity, and my job. So I created Nature is Prana. Prana means life energy and I believe that nature is that source for everybody, ocean, woods, meadows, mountains, whatever someone feels connected with. For me, it’s ocean all the way. Ayurveda uses pure Nature as medicine. It’s fascinating. 

So right now I’m focusing on building this business, selling wherever I go and on the soon to come to my website, spreading the word and making people aware of this amazing medicine system.

How do you learn to surf?
I started my first few surfing attempts in Mauritius, Indian Ocean. My ex-boyfriend helped me a lot and was my rock with learning how to surf. It is so so difficult and scary in the beginning. Then he dumped me, I hit a very dark patch in my life, came to Indo to see some light again, bought a board and said to myself ‘Surfing is YOURS, he cannot take this from you! '
So I took my board, a couple of surfs in Canggu with the crowds. Such a struggle, so I took my board and my stiff and went to West Sumbawa for 2 months. These are a lefthander wave where I basically learned EVERYTHING on. I also learned to heal and letting past pain go. West Sumbawa is still my absolute happy place on this earth! I’m about to head back there soon for a couple of months.
Do you have a morning routine? 
Yes! Getting up, drinking my lukewarm lemon water, short breathing and meditation (I’m a yoga teacher and love my little morning practice) and then go for a surf.
Which book changed your life?
Phu that’s a tough one! I guess it’s Braving the Wilderness - Brene Brown & Ayurveda for Dummies (haha), my first Ayurveda book ever.
Favorite surf outfit? Why?
Bikini for surfing. The feeling of being free and ‘naked’ (almost) in nature.

What are your must-have items on a surfing bag daily?
Sarong, Zinc, Wax, Water.
Longboards or Shortboards?
Shortboards all the way! I started on a 5’8 fun 32L board, it’s what my ex had for me and I had/ have a slight duck dive obsession and love to be quick light.
How do you keep your skin and hair healthy after spent in the sun and sea all day?
For my Skin, I usually just use fresh-cut, Aloe Vera, before I go to bed, during the day an easy day cream for normal skin. Hair is a different story. As my hair gets almost white when I’m in Indo for a bit it drys out like crazy. Using Castor and Coco Oil hair masks twice a week and a leave-in conditioner every single time when I get out of the surf. That helps a lot!!! Always wash the salt out too!
Where do you want to surf that you haven’t been to?
Hawaii. Been in my head for a long time now but I wanted my surf to progress before I head over to really enjoy it. 
Style, or technique?
Both! But if I would need to choose then technique hehe
if you could talk with the ocean, what you will tell her?
Please please find the strength to heal yourself! I promise I will do whatever I can always and forever to help! Love u Mama Ocean.
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