Interview to Dana, our favourite surf longboard coach and yoga teacher wearing our bathing suits for surfing.

Dana grew up in San Diego, California and lived in Hawaii for 5 years before moving to Bali. With her passion for the ocean and a simple island life, she feels right at home in Indonesia. She surfs daily in her ethically made swimwear bikinis for surfing, and also enjoys collecting shells from the beach.
She has a kind of energy that you want to be around, always smiling and enjoying life in the ocean sharing that with those around.
She has been surfing since she was a little girl with her dad, uncle, and cousin who sparked her ocean love at a young age. Since then she has been inspired by life, people and nature, to travel and explore the world and it’s seas. 
Dana is also a certified Yoga teacher, and loves to combine both passions by creating surf and yoga retreats specially for longboarders. Her programs are designed to help you learn new things and have unforgettable experiences. 
We had the pleasure to do a few photo shoots of our eco friendly surf swimsuits in the island of Lombok, Indonesia so we could ask her some questions.
surf rashguard ninefoot
      • Name: Dana Hamann
      • Origin: San Diego, California 
      • Zodiac sign: Pisces 
      • Chinese Sign: Rat
      • Local surf spot: Bali: Padma, Kuta / Hawai’i: Diamond Head
      • Favorite Ninefoot eco-friendly swimsuits pieces: Bingin Rashguard and Sanur Bottom
      • Favorite Shaper: Gato Heroi
      • Surfboard: 9’1 x 23’ x 3’ Jube Designs from O’ahu, Hawai’i
      • Instagram: dancelightly_   
Tell me about yourself. Where do you live and what are you currently doing right now?
I spend most of my time in Bali, Indonesia with my partner who is from Nias, Sumatra. I do freelance writing work in the health, yoga, fitness industry, for essential oils, wellness, and copywriting. I also do private surf and yoga coaching, and organize retreats in Lombok. I spend a few months on O’ahu, Hawai’i every year mostly in the summer to work as a surf coach and see my friends/ family there. 
surf rashguard ninefoot
How do you learn to surf?
My first time surfing I was 2 years old with my dad on the front of his board. I would go in the summers as a young girl and around 8 started to go in the winters. I didn’t like being cold in the water or wearing a wetsuit, no wonder I ended up living between two tropical islands :). But I wanted to impress my older cousin who was like my brother when I got to high school so I worked really hard to get better.  
After so many years surfing, what are the next skills that you would like to improve?
Honestly, I have never really short boarded much, at all. So I have taken a lot more time to try it out and be okay with sucking at the beginning haha. My dream is to get really deep barrels like all the videos I watch of the pros so I am working on becoming more confident on a new board and a different type of wave. 
Why you are not competing anymore?
I am a competitive person but mostly with myself, I always just wanna be better than how I was before. I also don’t like the pressure, I love to have fun and relax. I will still join an amateur competition to surf somewhere with only heat of people out, that is fun especially if it's with some friends, but as far as taking it beyond that, it is not what I want to pursue. I want to encourage and help other people improve in different areas of their life physically and mentally through surfing, yoga, and wellness.   
How you can describe the line-up in Bali?
Bali has become extremely crowded with a lot of people that are just learning to surf or who have only surfed in Bali so it can get frustrating sometimes going to places with a mad line up. I always try to respect the locals and watch what's going on in the line up before I get in my groove of catching waves.   
Do you have a morning routine?
I try to, but we all know there are different phases in life. I always try to at least start my day with thoughts of gratitude when I first wake up. Even if I don't write them down, I try to think of a few things I am grateful for when I am still laying in bed. Routine wise I like to start my days taking essential oils under my tongue for internal wellness support then I'll have coffee and something light to eat. Journal for a bit, do a short meditation and then move on my mat flowing a bit to wake my body up.  
surf rashguard ninefoot
Which book changed your life?
Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, I actually have a tattoo on the back of my arm that represents the thoughts from it, I got my first time to Bali after I read it. 
Favorite surf outfit? And, Why?
High waisted bottoms all the way, keeps everything in, and probably something long sleeve or high necked to protect from the sun. I am trying to be more careful with my skin and keeping it covered.
What are your must-have items on a surfing bag daily?
Natural Sunscreen, I use LittleHandsHawaii and SunnyDays (from Bali), sarong to change and dry off, drinking water, hair oil, sunglasses, and dry clothes. 
"Longboard surf swimsuit style" or "cheeky bikini surf Shortboard style"? 
I prefer longboard surf swimsuit style with a long sleeve rash guard for women to keep me out of the sun.
How do you keep your skin and hair healthy after spent in the sun and sea all day?
I rely on my essential oils for everything! I can make most things I need at home naturally using those combined with other natural products. I have made a special hair blend with essential oils and coconut oil. For skin care, I have also made a few different skin oil blends with essential oils, argan oil, and coconut oil. It's really important to take care of yourself after being in the sun and water all day, I used to not do this much but since I have started being aware of staying “pampered” I feel and look so much healthier. 
Describe yourself in 3 words. 
Thoughtful. Passionate. Adventurer. 

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