the story of wave chaser Monika

Monika in her eco-friendly surf swimsuit. Our Wave Chaser Ambassador

by Lucia Roman


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Wave Chaser: Monika

Over the years, eco-friendly surf swimsuits and female surfers have gained popularity in the surf game. More and more women are sharing their passion for the outdoors, the environment and they are enticed to surfers. Just like Monik, a wave-obsessed person based in Bali where its a norm to chill under the sun with their longboard swimsuits or surfing bikinis.


I had a chat with Monika to find out about her views on surfing and of course a little in-between.


Name:    Monika (Mon)
Origin:    Czech republic
Zodiac sign:   Libra
Chinese sign:   Rat
Local surf spot in Bali:    Berawa
Favorite Ninefoot ecofriendly swimsuit : Medewi one piece
Favorite Shaper:  Stuart Paterson
Surfboard: Pcc, Lost, Hayden
Instagram: Blueaera

  • Tell me about yourself. Where do you live, what you do right now?

I try to follow the waves, mainly in Bali but traveling from time to time somewhere else where I can use my bikinis for surfing.

  • How do you learn to surf?

I learned it with friends, my first time I was cut by a fin from huge foam board, also I thought it would be easy but it took me a little while to really like it and enjoy it, even that I was happy using my foam board and on my longboard surf swimsuit all day.

And, I don't take surfing as a competition it is more like a meditation. I can be in the water without catching any waves just floating,  be in the moment for myself and I want to feel disconnected for a while.

  • Do you have a morning routine?  

Usually off to surf and (If I can) and then having coconut water on the beach     post-surf.

  • Which book changed your life? 

Power of Now


Ninefoot Medewi ecofriendly surf swimwear.


  • Favorite Ninefoot ecofriendly swimsuit outfit? Why? 

I like one piece surf swimsuit because I don't have to worry about anything :)

  •  What are your must-have items on a surfing bag daily?

 Wax, sunscreen and towel.

  •  "Longboard surf swimsuit style" or "cheeky bikini surf Shortboard style"?

In my surf closet, I own both, depends on the surf conditions and how I feel that day ;)

  •  How do you keep your skin and hair healthy after spent in the sun and sea all day? 

 I try to put a lot of conditioner on my hair and doing a lot of face masks.

  • Where do you want to surf that you haven’t been? 

Taiwan and  Ecuador

  • Describe yourself in 3 words.  

Sea, surf and sun

Ninefoot surfing bathing suits for womens


  • If you could talk with the ocean, what will you tell her?  

You make me happy and I want to see you every day’’. 

Ninefoot Medewi ecofriendly surf swimwear.


Monik wearing her favorite piece from Ninefoot  the Medewi Surf one piece in Black & Storm Print is an eco-friendly surf sustainable swimsuit, premium quality lycra, with long sleeves designed to support double also as protection from harmful Bali sun damage. 


From us to you.