Wave Chaser: Monika in our range of surfing swimsuits for womens in Sunset print.

ninefoot longboard surf swimsuit Medewi in sunset print


Monika is a Yoga and Pilates instructor from the Czech Republic but her life turns around and falls in love with Bali whom she calls it home for 3 years. Monika is a health vegan advocate for a long time, she enjoys surf sunsets sessions in any of our Ninefoot surfing bathing suits for women, she is one of our ambassadors and faithful supporters since we start to design our first longboard surf swimsuit sample, she is one of our fitting models and close friend. She is a great inspiration for yogis out there who wants to push through and be out of their comfort zone with a nomadic lifestyle.

Here is my interview with her on how she felt in love with surfing.

  • Name: Monika Weiserová
  • Origin: Czech Republic
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • Chinese Sign: Rabbit
  • Moon orientation: Waxing moon 
  • Local surf spot: Berawa, Kedungu
  • Favorite Ninefoot eco-friendly swimsuits pieces: honestly all of them.
  • Favorite Shaper: unknown
  • Surfboard: Lately, I'm back into surfing and I had to sell my old board 6 ́10 ́ ́ in Bali and going to buy a new one as soon as I'm back. Probably one longboard and another one shorter. I keep an eye on 6´´2 ́ ́ Soulmate Hervé board with more volume. And for longboard any ninefoot longboard for me to train a little walk and nose rides.
  • Instagram: Nope, only Facebook.


    Tell me about yourself. Where do you live and what are you currently doing right now?

       I moved to Indonesia, 3 years ago since then I call Bali my home. This year I set myself up for a little more traveling around SE (Southeast) Asia and checking some new surf spots as well as exploring different countries. I'm Yoga and Pilates teacher and plant-based nutritionist. I'm very much into a healthy lifestyle, fitness, holistic approach and connection with nature. Eight (8) years vegan and I'm a big advocate of this lifestyle, especially a low-fat high carb vegan diet. 

        How do you learn to surf?

          I got involved with surfing in Oaxaca, Mexico where I was staying with some Aussie (Australian) surfers. At that time I was only there to watch them surfing and taking photos on my camera. And, sooner I fell in love with the sport and started to learn by myself. I never had an instructor or a surf lesson. At first, I started with the paddling and playing around in the water just to get familiar with the board. Fast forward now, I did catch my first wave in Berawa beach, Bali 3 years ago. 

            Do you have a morning routine? 

              Yes. usually, I do a refreshing quick face mask or massage with coconut oil. After that, I do a short yoga flow to cleanse the nose and throat. Then continue with my meditation and Asana section.

              Sometimes, If I stay closer to the beach, I usually go for a quick run and yoga by the beach. And, lastly, I eat my breakfast (which is usually fruit).     

                Which book changed your life?

                  China Study  


                  Monik wearing a women long sleeve ecofriendly swimsuit


                    Favorite surf outfit? And, Why?
                      Bikini for surfing. I love the sun and getting my skin tan while I'm on the water.


                      What are your must-have items on a surfing bag daily?

                         Zinc, banana and my water, and of course any Ninefoot surfing bathing suit for women.

                        "Longboard surf swimsuit style" or "cheeky bikini surf Shortboard style"?
                          Both, but lately I’m into longboard and a single fin classic, I found it really stylish.


                            How do you keep your skin and hair healthy after spent in the sun and sea all day?

                              Keeping myself hydrated is essential, drinking lots of water or coconut water and eating lots of fruits especially bananas and fruits that are high in beta-carotene such as (papaya, dragon fruit or mango). And, the only products I use for my skin are virgin coconut oil (before the sun) and aloe vera gel (after the sun).

                                Where do you want to surf that you haven’t been to?

                                  More places in Central America.

                                  Monik with a surf board, and the Kedungu onepiece longboard surf swimsuit

                                  Style or technique?


                                       Describe yourself in 3 words. 

                                        Independent hippie woman


                                          If you could say something with our oceans, what will you tell her?

                                             First I would say I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the people who are being ignorant to you, polluting you, destroying you and disrespecting you. I'm so sorry for the people who do not make the right choices, who do not educate themselves about the environment and ecology. I'm sorry for humanity becoming a threat to you. I would like to say Thank you. Thank you for making my life so rich. Thank you for giving me life's direction. Thank you for filling my life with amazing people I met through you (ocean) and I called them ''friends''. Thank you for the waves, Thank you for the reflection of the sun every day at sunset. Thank you, bless you and I love you.


                                            Monika wearing a women surfing bathing suit for women rashguard


                                            Monika wearing Ninefoot the Yeganga women rashguard in Sunset print. 

                                            As, to Monika the yogi who loves to be in her eco-friendly swimsuit or her bikinis for surfing and get her tanned skin

                                            ‘’Life takes you to unexpected places and brings you home’

                                            This quote is truly perfect for her. 

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