surf swimwear guide

Surf swimwear guide: Warm water, from the top to bottom.

There are days that you want to be in the ocean, chillin' under the scourging heat of the sun. But, when you arrive at your destination the time struck up to fast and it is already noon, the sun is too high beam. This is the time where it can damage your skin, literally ''sun-kissed''. But, luckily some days are more chilly and windy, especially in the early morning. So, in every tropical season that varies, Ninefoot eco-friendly swimwear got you covered.


In this post we created a surf suit guide that depends on every situation, the surf swimwear for women that will fit and feel better on every lifestyle and surfing style that women needs.

Let's face it bikinis are cool, but when the conditions are slightly off the track, Naahh!!! you don’t want to be wiped out. Right? And, we've all been there.

So, the design that we have in mind was to create a safe and fun Eco-Friendly Swimsuits and the idea is to be a full-function surf swimwear not just for ''styling purposes'' but to be a premium quality style.

And, here is our proudly made pieces and their functionality at its best.

The swimsuit with long sleeves:

long sleeve swimsuit

Medewi one piece in storm print                                            click on the picture to see the collection

This surf piece is made for women who love to stay in the water for a long surf session. We wanted to create a women long sleeve swimsuit that you are comfortable in using it even if the water is slightly down in temperature or under the tropical sun but still stylish and there is a hint of femininity of the surf suit. This is a surf swimsuit that you can use for an everyday session, the open neck style on this suit is not too covered and not too overwhelming. This piece is a perfect high quality for every surfer. It is a must-have

The one piece:

yoga stretching for surfers

Monik is wearing the Guadalupe one piece in Army Green. click on the photo for more details**

Ninefoot one-piece surf suit is one of our proudly made pieces that you will most likely be using it every single surfing session. It is like a favorite pair of flat shoes that you can wear all day long. The Kedungu one piece designed gives you the full movement of the arms and it has nice structured lines. This one piece surf suit is very practical it stays in the right place no matter what. And, the patterns are handcrafted watercolor print.

Pro tip: Avoid pieces that are too open, or with thin bikini straps because it will not hold you in place for a long time.


Rash guard

Yeh-gangga rash guard in storm print                                 click on the photo to see the collection**

Surf rash guards are basically used daily to protect the skin, more focus on protecting the shoulders, and the top core. Our eco-friendly women rash guard has the coverage of a long sleeve and the style of a semi crop top designed to be paired up with our high wait Sanur bottom or the Balian surf bottom. Made with premium recycled lycra.

We highly recommend good support of bikini top under our rash guards for extra stability for paddling and riding the Bali waves. To be able to move freely without hesitation. And, to protect from high impact abrasions on our ‘’special areas’’. But, of course everyone has different preferences.

High-waist bottoms:

high waist bottom

Sanur bottom in storm print.                                                   click on the photo to see the collection**

For the past years, the retro-look is back modernized, evolving and you can see it everywhere. With its practicality to cover the whole abdomen, this piece is perfectly a basic bottom for any day, very comfortable truth to say, stays on and it has a wide opportunity (to play, color blockings and put to amazing prints) the perfect canvas . You can create many ideas on how to wear this style bikini bottom you can put on a good top or a loose T-shirt and knot it and you are good to go.

Low Bottoms:

low bottoms

Balian surf bikini bottom                                                            click on the photo to see the collection**

When you buy a bikini bottom you are getting a best friend
(it's like someone that you will need to trust when the water gets rough). Bikini bottoms came in a different range of shapes and colors, maybe a little cheeky on the sides or you prefer a flattering cover-up, doesn’t matter. Always bear in mind that a piece that isn't designed for surfing will surely end down on your knees, and you know why?.

Because,the conventional nylon types of lycra in the market are usually ended up losing their elasticity and it becomes ''baggies'' in a short period of time, and we don't want that to happen that in less than a month the elasticity of your new bikini bottom is losing so it's more like you are throwing money for no good reason.

And, we all know that premium surfing bottom is built to have double elastic protection to stay in place.

Cover-up Tops:

They usually look like a basic athletic bra but they are made of Lycra so that they can stay on, and it is way bigger pieces than a regular top. The coverage is more comfortable and it is made to stay in place. And, if you are a ''tan-less care'' type of a person and a bigger cup size then this is the perfect piece for you

Ninefoot Tip: We like to do a mix and match with any type of bottom.

Bikini Tops:

bikini tops

Keramas surf bikini top                                                             . click on the photo to see the collection**

The surf bikini top is designed to cover a big part of your top (cup) sizes. Ideally, it acts as a support brassiere for the salty water. Even with the basic athletic bra(s) if you try on to a surfing session it doesn't go any farther because the material used is commonly made for the gym. Whereas, surf bikini tops are built with big elastics and other high-quality clothing technology that designers are willing to use for a premium surf bikini top.

And, surfing tops usually didn’t come up with any extra layer of foamy sponge, because it won’t be good for soaking and it will add some extra kilos of water.

So, there you have it the surf swimwear guide for every surfer may be a beginner or a pro. And, always remember to take good care of your surf gear.

Nowadays the industry of swimwear for surfing has been in a revolution for the past years. Every day more and more conscious brands are existing because of the evolution and it made a big change in the market. Recycled and sustainable materials are introduced every second because clothing companies are willing to invest and they are more open-minded. Hopefully, big corporate will help and join the movement to “produce a big change”.

But for the meantime, we recommend you to be keen on every piece that you purchase. Be a support advocate on what materials are used. Buy less, and be more conscious.

From us to you. ;)

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