Tips for Cross Stepping on a Surf Longboard



Finding the balance point on your board while surfing is critical. There are different techniques like cross stepping on a longboard and noseriding.

Here are some tips:

Depending on the type of board you are using, you need to be about an arm’s length from the nose if your board on a shortboard and extended arm length on a longboard. The balance point is obvious to an advanced surfer but totally unintuitive for a novice.

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What is Cross Stepping?

Cross stepping on a longboard is a way of moving your weight forwards and backward along your longboard. It’s a fundamental surfing technique used for controlling speed while on the waves. 

why cross-stepping

Why Cross Step on a Longboard?

As the name suggests, longboards are ‘longer’ than their counterpart. The increased length offers a few key benefits, one of which is more stability. Since there’s more space to plant your feet along with a greater amount of surface area pressed against the water, riders experience more stability on longboards. This is especially beneficial for newcomers looking to learn the ropes of surfing

How to Cross Step on a Longboard?

Move your front foot behind your rear foot, then maintain the balance altering the position equally fast. This maneuver lets the surfer ride towards the nose of the board.

cross-stepping How to cross-step guide.

If you want to move backward, then perform this trick backward. Practice on balance beams to smoothed up your technique.

These cross stepping on a longboard surfing tips are perfect for beginners to improve their style!


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