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How to Take Care of Your Surf Swimwear?


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Here are our tips on how to take care of your surf swimwear.

You took that incredible final wave, your heart is full of happiness, endorphins are racing into your brain, and you can feel that you are the happiest girl on earth.

Yeah, cool! And what happens with your surf gear after?

That precious pair served you, and after you make that ride, you threw it on the back of your car, lucky enough if it’s inside the bag or with the towel. But, what if you forgot all about it?

That’s why we created this amazing surf care gear guide because we care about the life of those amazing surf swimsuits, and we hope you care too.

Here are some important bullet points to prolong the life of your surfing gears.

Handwashing to Air drying makes a big difference if you want your swimwear to last long. (This will be the mantra of all the blog post)

how to take care of your surf swimwear


First things first RINSE ASAP, after using it, don’t wait until the swimsuit is dry with the salt on it, if you still wearing it quickly jump on the shower, the cold water temperature will help cleanse the saltwater, chlorine-based (pool), chemicals from sunscreens and other sun protection products. Handwashing is the recommended method for caring swimwear.

DO NOT use the washing machine as if your surf swimsuit was a simple cotton T-shirt, it will ruin the shape and will stretch out and lose the proper fit. After a few times of handwashing, once you see that hands can’t remove the zinc or the wax (we all been there), it is also okay to clean it up with the washing machine. 



how to take care of your surf swimsuits


▪ Use some mesh bags.
▪ Inside a pillow cover/ or cotton bag
▪ Gentle washing program with cold water. Any of these recommendations will help to avoid the strong circular movement of the washtub.

Please, avoid to mix it with any hard objects that can cause stretch and deform of the lycra material, and it will ruin your amazing pieces.

Laundry detergents from our local stores are a little bit harsh for our surfing gears so, and I suggest using a mild soap or liquid hand soap to ease chlorine, sweat, saltwater, and dirt that you accumulate turn inside and out and rinse it after with clean running water.

When you thoroughly rinse the swimwear:

▪  DO NOT squeeze out too much water because it will stretch out elastic materials.

▪  Another hack is to wrap the pieces inside of a towel before you squeeze the water the towel will absorb and will keep the elasticity of the fabric for a long time.

▪  When you dry off DO NOT hang immediately under the heat of the sun it will cause a problem it will fade the color. Air drying is the best fast drying method.

▪  DO NOT use clothes pegs, they will deform and stretch your swimsuit, and over time, will damage the fiber. Turn the piece inside and out, dry it on the shadow these will helps minimize any bacteria. It will also guarantee to keep the colors from fading. And, if you want to hang them dry we suggest to use a thick kind of clothing hanger.

▪  DO NOT let it hang the gravity will cause heaviness, and it can damage the elasticity of the fabric.



how to take care of your white surf swimwear


Hacks or tricks on preserving your swimwear

Chlorinated soak Swimwear

Baking Soda for handwashing is perfectly okay with swimwears recommended using a half cup to cool water soak in then to the rescue it will help subdue the chlorine smell on your swimwear, stain remover and gives a new life on your surfing swimwear.

White Vinegar acts as an odor-eliminating and helps in keeping the color from fading away mix it with a little measurement of water and soak it in for a minute and more, and It will penetrate the fabric.

Yellowed color fading? Precious Swimwear yellowing (especially bright colored ones) fuse it with Borax as Yay summer!

My swimsuits are yellow to help the back into freshly colored ones. And if you don’t want to use your extra time in all mentioned above, you can just shop some swimwear protective products that you can use in taking good care of your quality surfing swimwear.

Active Detergent

▪ Molly's Suds: Natural Laundry Detergents & Safe Cleaning

Zybax Swim In ensuring swimwear to remain wearable over the years, an important care tip is never to leave to lump up your wet surfing swimwear or throw it in a stained basket to be dry.


how to take care of your surf swimsuit


And you will never regret it. Taking extra care of your swimwear doesn't need to be a hectic, hassle, and complicated. Practiced measures on your premium pairs will surely last for more years to come.

And, one more thing 
surfing swimwear suits need to rest too. Rotate them for the next paddles. 

Same as wearing the daily clothing, as your surf session increases you will need a few surfing outfits for different conditions, you can check out one of our Ninefoot long sleeves pieces, rashguards, or surf bikinis.

We got you covered in style; now you need to.
Paddle out, look good, surf better. ;)