Interview to Jess and the ocean in our new criss-cross one piece sustainable surf swimsuit. Canggu
Canggu one piece surf swimsuit

Interview to @Jess_and_the_ocean in our new criss-cross one-piece sustainable surf swimsuit, Canggu.

     In the very instant we met, I was captivated by Jess (@jess_and_the_ocean), her character, honesty & great big beaming smile. Since 18yrs old she travelled & lived abroad & for the last 2 years, she has been creating content for companies around the globe to highlight environmental issues. Promoting the ocean with Ocean Culture Life (@oceanculturelife) & the use of recycled ocean plastic with Oceanworks (@oceanworks) & (@netyourproblem) the same company that recycles fishing nets to make our recycled lycra for your suits ladies.

After 11 years working on superyachts for the rich & famous as a private chef between the Med & the Caribbean she decided to pack it all in & see what happened. So Jess is not your typical wave chaser. Born in South Africa, raised naked on the beaches of western France, educated around the globe in varying circumstances with stories to tell that will stretch the imagination…there’s no wonder she is hard to shock & cares little about what people think.

This is a brief taster of Jess who spends her time not only promoting the oceans & female surfers, but the need to break away from the norm & what’s considered acceptable of women these days.

If you want to know more about her follow her on @jess_and_the_ocean for daily snippets of this entertaining, rule bending, lovable lady Jessica.

Canggu criss-cross surf swimsuit

Jess is wearing the Canggu one piece. click on the image to get more information.

How connected do you feel with the ocean?

Well I almost drowned aged 8  and was then thrown into water activities by my wonderful mum and loved them. Sailing, swimming, wakeboarding, then surfing and kite-surfing at a much later date. I have always been a beach baby and having grown up spending summers in the crazy currents of south west France I had an early appreciation for the strength and pure undeniable power of mother ocean. 

Canggu criss-cross surf swimsuit

What you love the most about surfing?

NO AGE LIMITS. The line up can be all your buddies ranging from an 8 year old to an 80 year old. I just met the cutest 11 yr old shredder surfing at Bingin who has been at it already for 4 years, Leo <3 I heart you. Surfing is the best way to get clarity, take a breather from it all, remember what it’s like to feel fully alive & just play like a kid again. It’s our gift from the gods…whichever gods you believe in. You’re always always always only a paddle away from a better fricken frame of mind people!

Canggu criss-cross surf swimsuit

Are you more a longboarder or a shortboarder?

I used to only longboard  but when the pandemic hit here & the beaches closed, I panicked. I heard through a friend that if I travelled a few islands away I could still surf, but it’s not a longboard wave. The only option was to bite the bullet & go get a shortboard. So I went out & got a 5’7 fish & I can honestly say I freakin loved it. Took me 6 weeks of not giving in & thank Aladdin I did! I will take a longboard out when it's small waves for sure though– I feel lucky as I have love for both. Yes I’m a swinger.  

Favoruites surf spots?

As in none ya business! ☺  

Morning routine?

 2 Pints of water, a soy latte then off to check the surf with my bestie Tara. It’s an absolute dream. 

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