Graphic art picture of a surfer girl and a hand holding a paint brush


Ocean-inspired art made by female surfers

Ocean has always been an inspiration for us. Always! Whether it is just watching the horizon, looking for the waves, or indulging in those sunset colors.

The beach is like a reset time for most of us water women. The ocean washes out all that does not serve us anymore and brings new freshness into our life. The ocean is magic and some of us can convert that magic into art.

We did a little interview with some of the most talented souls of the women's surf art scene. 

Everyone of them is totally rad and unique and we love to share about their story, how they started surfing and became artists.

It is so inspirational and almost bohemian to read about how the artists life is so wrapped up around their art and passion to surfing. We love every single one of them and we are super happy that they agreed to participate in this blog post.


THANK YOU chicas!


female surf artist presents her art on the ebach 

Natalie Brake

is an abstract painter, art instructor, and surfer based out in both Mexico and the Pacific Northwest. With a background in dance, her work is fluid, organic, and evoked movement.

She incorporates her passion for water and the night sky into her abstract pieces.


She shows her work in galleries throughout Canada and Internationally. She teaches workshops, creates commissioned artworks, and she paints unique surfboards that can be used as wall art, or in the water. 

       colorful surf art on longboard  

Where do you create from and where do you surf?

I live part-time on 2 surfable coasts - The Pacific Northwest of Canada (Vancouver Island), and Nayarit, Mexico. I have the studio's in both places. My Canadian studio is in Victoria, BC, in a great downtown setting surrounded by other Artists and very close to the ocean.

My studio in México is on the terrace of my lovely home, with ocean and jungle views, and close to my favorite surf break which is called Burros. In Canada, I surf all along Vancouver Island. 

What is the main message carried in your art?

I am forever fascinated by nature, specifically all types of water, and the night sky full of stars. As an abstract artist, I don't plan my art too much but it clearly expresses water and skyscapes.

I also create artwork that mimics phosphorescence in the ocean, and those pieces are UV light reactive so they show that same magic you would see in the water, or in the Aurora Borealis Lights. Those are called my Luminescence Works. 

What I hope to convey in my work is a sense of wonder, imagination, and an appreciation for the beauty of the planet.

What inspires you the most?

Water. I think I'm still learning about this, but nature seems to be the thing I always feel the most inspired by. I grew up on a river watching my dad fish, and it left an impression in my heart... probably forever.

Female surf artist painting on the beach

What is your surf story and how did you start creating “surf art”?

I originally started surfing many years ago, in Kauai, Hawaii. It was very magical and I think that Hawaii is where I first really fell in love with the ocean. Fast forward and I came to Mexico on a road trip with friends, where surfing finally took its hold on me.

What I like most about surfing is how much it brings me into the present. Water has no story other than its own, and it commands my total awareness. It is so beautiful to feel on my skin, and so beautiful to look at.

Sometimes in between sets, I lay on my back and listen to the sounds under the surface. Everything about it mesmerizes me. And when you're surfing, you also have to be alert, you have to pay attention to other surfers, the waves, and your own safety. I like that part too - I like the art of surf technique. 

In 2020, Mexilogfest came to Burros, my favorite break. And I wanted to contribute to the event. I had just commissioned a new longboard so I asked my shaper if he'd let me paint my board before he glassed it, and he said yes.
So over the span of 3 weeks, I painted my board (a 9'2 single-fin log), and then during the Mexilog event, I set up a pop-up studio and I finished painting my board during 3 live painting sessions.

I also invited people to come up and help me with 2 other surfboards that I was painting. It was so much fun and although the shape of a surfboard is much more challenging for me than a canvas, I loved the way the boards turned out. It was a great experience to be a part of the event and to see my work come alive like that.

surf art chicas and other creative women who loves to surf the waves


is a French ocean child living by the sea in Basque Country. Las Chicas del Sol is a minimalist universe that she creates around women, surf culture, and unconditional love for the ocean.


Clara draw flowing lines and playful surfing poses inspired by its culture and lifestyle. That’s her way to share her vision of life and entertain people with good vibes.
             surf art minimalist drawing 

Where do you create from and where do you surf?

Actually, I’m not a surfer but a bodysurfer and my favorite spot is Le Club at Anglet (FR). Most often to create I sit at my desk or in a cafe, not really super fun I know, but I need to focus on my ideas and have a free spirit to let my creativity express itself.

From time to time the ideas arrive anywhere at the beach, in transport, or at the office, so I need to jump on my phone or take a piece of paper to write everything down before I forget. 
What is the main message carried in your art?

The minimalist style allows focusing on the essentials: waves, surfers, sun, and nature. It also allows people to interpret the drawings in their own way and to protect themselves.

I do not only create for myself but also for others, so they can integrate my imagination with Las Chicas del Sol.
What inspires you the most?

THE OCEAN. I got introduced to the ocean by a surfer dad and a beach fan mom. They are the ones who gave me this passion and unconditional love for the ocean. It’s another world, when I am in the water I’m no longer on the same planet.

surf art minimalist drawing

What is your surf story and how did you start creating “surf art”?
I learned to surf when I was young, but I don’t know how to explain it… I had the feeling to be lumber with the board. So, I started to take a few waves in bodysurfing.

When I was 18, I got into it more seriously; I watched pro contests to discover new techniques and tricks. I also worked for a while on the organization of surfing and bodysurfing competitions in my region.
And now, I practice almost year-round (little break in winter because the water is too cold).

People are often surprised when I tell them that I bodysurf and not surf because I mainly draw female surfers. But when I’m in the water during a bodysurf session, I have a striking vision of the world of surfing which is also different from the surfers themselves. That’s why it’s easier for me to draw something that I can see and analyze by myself.

surf art chicas and other creative women who loves to surf the waves

Hanna or "Hannipai" one of her nicknames is a German girl who quit everything in 2019 and left Germany for an unknown adventure to New Zealand.

Almost 3 years later she now calls New Zealand her home. It’s the place where she learned surfing and started creating surf art.

Every design of Hanna is created on the iPad and filled with female energy.

Painting of a surfer girl holding a longboard

Where do you create from and where do you surf?

Currently, I’m back in Germany for a longer visit and now it’s my family's garden where you can find me dreaming about surfing and creating art. But I can’t wait to be back in New Zealand and surf again.

As a longboarder, I prefer to surf the East Coast of New Zealand and you mostly find me at my home break in Whangamata, a place where you can find a long left-hander, a fun beach break, and occasionally a dreamy right-hander. 

What is the main message carried in your art?

With my art, I love to express the deep and intimate connection to nature I feel while surfing and being outdoors. For me, surfing is not only a sport or passion. It’s a way to connect with the ocean.

Once you find this connection, you start living by the rhythm of the ocean. You become part of it and its inhabitants. And exactly this special connection is what I want to reflect on with my art.

What inspires you the most?

I find my inspiration usually in the beauty of nature. I love flowers, everything about the ocean, and all kinds of natural elements that remind me of summer.
I just see something that I find beautiful and fascinating and I feel like painting it.
And since pretty much everything in my life revolves around surfing, I can rarely refrain from incorporating a surfer into my designs. This is how most of my ideas have evolved.

What is your surf story and how did you start creating “surf art”?

Growing up landlocked in Germany surfing was something I didn't even think about. It was for the first time on a trip in Norway in 2018 that I saw surfers in the water.

I remember too well how fascinated I was by how the surfers became one with the energy of the sea. From that day on I knew that I wanted to try surfing one day too.

That day came in 2019 shortly after my partner and I arrived in New Zealand. We both took two 2h surf lessons and were totally hooked. We bought wetsuits and boards and started traveling in our van through the country - always on the hunt for waves.

My life has changed quite a bit since I started surfing. I overcame my fear of waves, learned to read the ocean, and started to get up in the middle of the night for a dawnie. Not a day went by without a surf check, not a conversation without surf talk, and not a wave remained unsurfed.

My whole life started to revolve around surfing. I even started working in a surf shop, haha.

So for me, it was a very natural process that at some point I started creating surf art. Surfing became my passion and I started to reflect this passion in my art.

Anything else that you wanna add?

Currently, it's a very exciting time for me, as I am in the process of starting a small business for my art. I have always painted just out of fun but now that I see how many people are loving my art I want to share it with everyone.
Therefore my art will soon be available as prints, stickers, and more.
If you want to support me it would be awesome if you would follow me on Instagram (@hanni.pai) and share my art if it puts a smile on your face. And of course, it would be great if you even hang a piece of my art in your home one day. :)

a hand of artist Juliette holds a pencil and sketches surf art illustrations

Juliette a 26 years old illustrator and longboarder.

She was born on Réunion Island and I’m living in the SouthWest of France.

Juliette creates illustrations inspired by nature, outdoor, and surf culture.

Her art style is cartoon and minimalistic, I like using different shades of pastel colors and telling stories through my drawings. 

surf art illustration of women riding a longboard

Where do you create from and where do you surf?

I create from Hossegor, SouthWest of France and I surf around this area during my surf trips. 

What is the main message carried in your art?

I like to convey in my art a simple and slow lifestyle, close to nature. 
Bring happiness and escape by making people travel through my drawings. 

surf longboard girl in Bali

What inspires you the most?

Nature, surfing, and all the values that go with it but also the simple moments sharing with family and friends…

What is your surf story and how did you start creating “surf art”?

I started surfing when I was 6 years old on Reunion Island. Then I completely gave up when I was 13 because I wasn’t feeling confident with myself, I had the feeling that I wasn’t evolving compared to the others.

Then, when I was 21, I moved to France and I started practicing again. Since this time, I started creating surf art inspired by my lifestyle. 
illustration of female surfers entering the water

Anything else that you wanna add?

I would like to create more by myself, continue to share my values, and raise awareness of what is really important. We live in a complex world and our generation is under pressure. I think it’s important to go back to basics and to live our life as peacefully as possible. 

By the way, my new art print collection called « My Secret Beach » is coming soon, inspired by a simple and peaceful moment, on a desert beach, an empty lineup, a dog, and some surfboards… 

surf art digital painting

Laihha Organna

...was born in Portland, Oregon and now lives in Maui, Hawaii.She is a professional illustrator creating surf inspired digital illustrations, graphic design and paintings.

surf artist chicas that are creating surf art @loindaflow

Where do you create from and where do you surf?  

I create from my home on the north shore of Maui, just down the road from Ho'okipa where I go surf when I am done with work for the day.

What is the main message carried in your art? 

I would like to think my artwork tells a story of how to enjoy life, have more fun and not take anything too seriously.

What inspires you the most? 

Surfing. It's taught me so many life lessons and I couldn't imagine my life without it. Time in the water fuels my creativity and helps me create cool artwork to share with the world.

What is your surf story and how did you start creating “surf art”? 

I've been surfing for a few years now. I learned while traveling through Peru and Bali and now surf every single day. When I dove back into art, surfing was the one thing always on my mind and the one thing I never got bored of drawing, so it became my focus.

profile card of a surf artist Tanya


Tatiana a russian gal that we met here in Bali and we did some collab with her as well as enjoyed some surf sessions. Tanya has been traveling around for some time now.

She is not sure whether she has a particular style, in her words: "I just draw anything anywhere, because I just like drawing. It’s my meditation, what keeps me sane. Surfing and drawing, both, makes me feel free and light."

surf art illustration of surfer girl riding a longboard

Where do you create from and where do you surf? 

I like surfing in Bukit, but Uluwatu, yes, probably my favorit in Bali.

What is the main message carried in your art? 

Ocean makes me smile. That’s it, as simple as this. I don’t think it needs to be special.

What inspires you the most? 

Ocean, surfing, wise people. 

portrait illustration of a woman in blue tones

What is your surf story and how did you start creating “surf art”? 

My surf story is this. I saw the ocean, I fell in love, I rented a surfboard, I got a lesson with surf instructor and then I bought a board and didn’t stop surfing since then.  

Surf art is just continuity of me expressing myself.  I have been drawing since I was 5 so it's just natural, like breathing for me. If I think about surf -  I draw about it. 

Sketches come in waves. Sometime it's flat for a long time, and some other time it is swell after swell. And like in surfing I try to enjoy the ride and don't take myself too serious.

surf art chica sitting on a terrasse


...was born and raised in Valencia, Spain. She moved away from Valencia 20 years ago, and from then, she have lived in numerous countries.

Alba met her husband when she lived in Byron bay, Australia. Now they have a nine-month-old little girl called Adhara. Creativity and movement it has always been essential in Alba´s life.

She has always loved creating. Alba used to make my sandals with cardboard from Cornflakes and staples during "siesta" time as a kid, and she has been designing shoes since 2008. Her surf art is a mix of traditionally hand sketches and digitally using a graphics tablet to create her illustrations. 

surf longboard artist chicas that are creating surf art @alba_martinez_hermida 

Where do you create from and where do you surf?   

I create my illustrations wherever I go...My artwork speaks for my personality and way of living. It is also greatly inspired by my travels and living by the coastline. My favorite location to design and surf was Bali, Indonesia.
What is the main message carried in your art? 

My main message is that decoration has the power to change your state of mind. Like healthy habits can change your life, I believe art can change how you feel in the corner of your home.

A conscious color choice can give you more control over how you feel at home.
What inspires you the most? 

My artwork often centres around nature's elements and a synthesis of all I see during my travels. I would describe them as calming and brighter with a clear and delicate palette colour.
What is your surf story and how did you start creating “surf art”? 

My story with surfing started when my brother taught me how to surf on one of our trips to Canary island. I have continued since, but always on and off, so I wouldn't say I am a surfer, really...let's say I prefer to reflect the lifestyle and the "spring-summer" vibe via my art.

 Illustration of a van and surf longboard

Anything else that you wanna add?

My first surf print was when I lived in Bali; I was fascinated by the "dancing on the waves" and the tropical and natural colours around me.

My dream is to be able to support people with decoration supporting the wellness of the mind and soul. You never know where the print will end up. It could bring a bright and calmness to someone who needs it.

surf artist with her surf art on longboard


Rachel aka "Surf Birdy"

This is Rachel and her art goes by surfy birdy art. Rachel is a folk-like artist it has just always been something she loves to do.

She enjoys hand drawing my art pen to paper, and also painting using acrylic and wood. Rachel does not currently have a home but lives simply in different places a few months or so at a time.

She has got lots of family in Florida so that will always be partially her home. She´s currently been living in Costa Rica and off to somewhere new soon. 

surf longboard artist chicas that are creating surf art @surfybirdy

Where do you create from and where do you surf?

I've been living in Costa Rica lately. When I travel I bring a portable scanner so I can hand draw my illustrations and scan them into my laptop to fill color digitally using photoshop.

I also had some paints from a friend here that I have been able to paint with. While here I don't have a car and I walk everywhere. It is a 20 min walk w my longboard on my head to the surf. Usually, I get to see some monkeys along the way and it's a nice nature walk. 

What is the main message carried in your art?

My art is retro surf art, and I hope to spread positivity, peace, and a love for nature, and the gifts the ocean brings to me.

What inspires you the most?

I'm greatly inspired by the 60s/ 70s. I love looking at old surf mags, watching old surf films, and looking at old surf photography. I've also been a long-time fan of Peter Max an artist of the 70s (and still today). I love retro flowers and spreading flower power.

painting of the ocean waves in sunset

What is your surf story and how did you start creating “surf art”?

I began surfing at around 14 going to a surf camp with my sister and best friend. There weren't many girl surfers when we started and I really wanted to ride the smallest shortboard possible.

Later on, I started longboard surfing and riding single fin eggs/ logs my surfing connected much more and I just love dancing with the waves.

I have loved drawing since I was a little kid. Once I got the surf bug that's all my mind could think about so I became a surf artist.

Anything else that you wanna add? 

I have a few exciting projects coming up but you will have to stay tuned ~ except for next month you can see a fin I painted at the women's of waves film festival in New York.

It will be up for auction with another surf artist with proceeds going to charity a walk-on water.

profile of tasya the russian surf artist


Where do you create from and where do you surf?      
I create from my little home studio in Bali surrounding by palms and frangipani with my cat seeping on the table. Usually, I surf in Old Man´s and Kuta beach, love them for their great waves and happy sparkling vibes.  

surf art painting of a woman paddling on longboard

What is the main message carried in your art?  

As a surfer, I am so blessed to see so much beauty in this world, all these waves, sunrises and sunsets, games of light and water on happy people's faces, watching how we all connected with nature and each other.

Love, sense of the moment, gratitude, sharing, friendship, sisterhood, all these little things have always stuck in my mind. In art I express that feeling that every surfer actually has experienced, just trying to share that joy I got from the ocean.

What inspires you the most?      

I believe inspiration comes from the inside. It is a blessing moment that makes you able to express yourself in an art way, but of course important is to what you surround yourself with.

I live in the perfect place for creating: nature, the ocean, beautiful things, and kind and lovely people. Inspiration comes effortlessly.       


What is your surf story and how did you start creating “surf art”?    

I was born and grew up in Saint Petersburg. After a year of my art university graduation, I went on my first travel to India and since that time didn’t come back. That time was about exploration of new places, cultures, and people, bringing new knowledge about my life and myself. 

Before I moved to Bali, I surfed seasonally, and these moments when I was far from the ocean, dreaming about waves, gave me strong motivation to express my passion for surfing with art.

surf art of a woman holding her longboard

Anything else that you wanna add? 

My current project is Kookumbra, an art, and surfboards fins project. I always was searching for the perfect product for my prints and finally, I came up with Kookumbra, fiberglass fins brand made with a passion for surfing and art. It is such magic to surf something you create by yourself! 

I am looking forward to have an exhibition in Polu gallery in Haleiwa Hawaii this winter.You can find my art prints and collection of surfboard fins in my online store kookumbra.comIf you are in Hawaii you can stop by Polu gallery, surf art gallery, and shop in Haleiwa and Waikiki. Also, they sell online. In Bali, I am represented by Drifter surf shop and gallery in Uluwatu and Hedonist store in Canggu.


At the end...

For us wave dancers, the ocean is a place of constant inspiration,
connection, and energy.

It is in the ocean where we feel at home, content and serene. We love to join in that dance with the Mother Ocean, glide on the waves, walking gracefully up and down the board, until the melody ends.

It brings us a feeling of fulfillment, and it brings diversity and freshness into the world.

Even when we design new patterns for our swimsuits, we are seeking inspiration close to the ocean. Our first two patterns were inspired by the sky -  the sunset sky and the stormy sky.

The next patterns we created for SS2021 were inspired by sunrise and dawn. It really never gets boring. Just to sit on the beach and watching the sunrise or sunset, observing, is so powerful.

woman in black surf suit dancing on the beach

Wave dancing artists Alba and Tanya borth wearing Kedungu one piece, Alba in navy blue and Tanya in our original sunset print.

We hope you had a fun read and found enjoyment and inspiration for your days. Thanks again to all the artists for joining in. During making of this blog post we did dig a bit more into a “surf art” topic and we found some interesting website featuring more surf artists (female and males) and that we find super cool. Sharing the links below. 

Club of the waves is an international showcase of surf art, surf artists, and illustrators whose work focusses on surfing and surf culture.
Her waves is an interesting project of collaboration of different female surf artist who make the art wearable. Making prints and stuff.
SurfD is an online surf magazine creating different articles and stories about surfing lifestyle.

We are Women supporting women.

From us to you.

Written and edited by Monik