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ECO Surf Fins: SHAKA



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Introducing ECO Surf Fins: SHAKA

Nowadays the surf industry is suffering and the evolvement is mainly dominated by mainstream brands until these days. But for the past years, it’s slowly moving forward into a more revolutionize industry inside and out.

From time to time more alternative brands are promoting. And,
Ninefoot Studio appears to contribute as well with more clean and environmentally friendly products.


One day, I was browsing online I found Shakasurf - a super cool project made by Dominick Taylor who creates eco surf fins from recycled waste materials and plastics.

surf fin creator in his studio


Here is the interview that I did with him:

When did you start your project? And you are based? 

I started Shaka Surf in early 2018. At the time I was a digital nomad and had finished up a job at Quiksilver in Australia. Now I prefer slomad (slow-nomad) life and I have been based near Lisbon, Portugal for the past year.

What gives you an idea to create Shaka surf?

I started Shaka Surf because I wanted to make a difference. I realized many surfers like myself are passionate about environmental causes, but yet most surfers are buying products that are bad for the environment.

I wanted to create a marketplace for eco surf products and started with surf fins because these have great utility for surfers.

eco surf fin shaka


Your main motivation in creating the brand?

I was working in surf apparel and I saw how the process and the practices worked unsustainability. I wasn't happy within contributing to this 'fast fashion'  consumerism.

So, I decided to quit and pursue something I was passionate about. And, that is surfing and as an advocate of the environment. These are the
two passions.


A wax comb made by a Bamboo


How you manufacture? 

Everything is designed, developed and made in Portugal. The fins are all made from recycled bottle caps and other reused materials. Then we work with a designer to create custom patterns/aesthetics on the surfing fins.

Something else that you want to add for our readers?

I think we're really on the cusp of a worldwide environmental revolution and the way we're currently heading with climate change things have to change before it's too late.

There are certainly some positive indicators of change. But on a more micro-scale, I think we need to reevaluate our choices especially when it comes to buying everyday items and start to make some sacrifices so future generations can still enjoy a habitable world.

The urgency of changes in our system of consuming our resources and waste management has been never clear and understood. But as a free person, we have an option, we can take action and step up to change our ways. 

As Dominick Taylor of Shaka Surf quoted ''We're defined by what we do in this life''. 


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