Surfing in Lombok, Indonesia: The Local Guide to the Best Surf Spots for Longboarders

Surfing in Lombok, Indonesia: The Local Guide to the Best Surf Spots for Longboarders

Surfing in Lombok, Indonesia

The local guide to the best surf spots for longboarders 

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Our surfer girl gang loves to go on surf trips to Lombok! We’ve made several trips through the years, and it’s always bliss. 

We love the local, rural vibe in Lombok, the empty roads, spectacular views, and spicy food. It's wild!

We have created this blog post to guide surfers, especially longboarders, who want to experience some sick Indonesian surf spots in Lombok.

About Lombok

Lombok is one of Indonesia's most beautiful islands, located beside the famous Bali. Size-wise, similar to Bali, Lombok has a long south-facing coastline exposed to the Indian ocean. 

This southern coastline creates most surf spots scattered among Lombok's many bays.

The spots are significantly different from the Island of the Gods. While Bali is famous for its world-famous pumping lefts and crowded lineups, Lombok's breaks are usually refreshingly empty and come in various shapes and sizes. From mellow beach breaks for beginners, to solid barrels for advanced surfers, Lombok has something for everyone.

With unspoiled beaches and much less westernization, the island still possesses the raw beauty that once encompassed Bali.


Ninefoot studio, surf spots in lombok

Best time for surfing in Lombok

Lombok has a consistent swell year round, so you can surf there basically anytime. YAY!

But! In Indonesia, the seasons or weather differentiate between the rainy and dry seasons.

Most surf spots work best during the rainy season (October - April). That is when you want to get there if you want to surf some epic glassy waves all day long. That does not mean the dry season (May - September) is not a good time. In general, different seasons create different surf breaks.

The dry season has much to offer, especially in some notorious spots such as Mawi and Dessert Point. These spots with offshore winds have a much bigger swell in the dry season resulting in some nice hollow barrels.

As a longboarder or someone who does not look for barrels, there are more protected spots in Ekas, Gerupuk, and Tanjung Aan on the less windy side.


Ninefoot studio, surf spots in lombok

Surfing with longboard

Source: Ninefoot Studio

How to get there

There are only two options to get to Lombok.

  1. By air - By plane, you can get there smoothly from anywhere in Indonesia. The flight from Bali takes only 40 min and runs over 15 flights daily. For international arrivals, they opened routes from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore (as of 2022). Check for the options that might be the most suitable for you in Skyscanner or another flight browser.
  2. By sea - For those already in Bali, ferries and boats are heading to Lombok daily. The ferry is cheap but takes time to get there - (4 - 8 hours on the slow boat). They run regularly from PadangBai and Sanur (reaching the west coast near Sengigi) and from Benoa Marina Bay (reaching the south of Lombok - where the surf spots are). For the fast boat, expect a 2 to 3 hours trip.


Ninefoot studio, surf spots in lombok

How to move around

Depending on whether you:

1) decide to go on a solo trip or a surf trip with a bunch of your friends


2) you book your Lombok experience with a surf camp 

If you explore the island alone, the best-valued is definitely a scooter. Cheap, fast, and easy to move around, providing epic lookouts and challenging dirt roads to secret beaches, riding a scooter in Lombok will take your breath away.

You can also book a car, get comfier, and be prepared for sudden rain, tropical heat, or other situations.

If you decide to spend time with locals and people who know the island the best, we recommend you check out Nalua Surf Camp Lombok and Xanadu Surf & Yoga Camp. Both of them have excellent amenities and surf instructors/guides who will make your trip truly Epic!


Nalua Surf Camp Lombok also has a shop to get surf supplies such as swimwear. They have our stocks of Ninefoot swimsuit at their shop. If you want to dig more, visit their Instagram.


ninefoot studio, surf spots in lombok, xanadu surf

Source: @xanadusurf 

Xanadu has a surf and yoga retreat and camp. Here, you can improve your longboard skills too, as they have a team to help you with it! Afterward, you can chill out and join their yoga class by the beach.


The Ultimate Guide to Lombok's Top Surf Spots

Once arriving in Lombok, Kuta Lombok is the best place to base yourself. Originally a fishing village, this small town on the south of the island became a whole surf town and hub of the island's south coast.

Since our first Lombok surf trip, Kuta has changed a lot. It used to be a bunch of small rocky roads, some strictly local warungs, cheap homestays tucked between the lush green jungle and white sand beaches.

However, nowadays, the vibe is still somewhat wild, but you will see a different picture. Fast forward to 2023, there is a brand new huge circuit for MotoGP and Formula 1 events, which comes with a gazillion of new, concrete, luxurious boho hotels, surf homestays, cafes selling soy lattes, and more surf camps than you can imagine.

Kuta Lombok, which is part of Mandalika, the coastal resort area, is the most central base for surfers. From here, everybody usually travels to the surf spots, which take around 10 to 30 minutes.

The surf spots spread between various bays that have exposure to the Indian Ocean. Each usually comes with three or four different breaks and might have more heavy-going outer reefs for those after a challenge.

Although, there's one spot in the center of Kuta, which you can reach by paying a boatman 25,000 IDR on the main harborfront. The locals call it the “Main Point” or “Center Bay”. Well, we don't advise you to surf there because it is a sloppy left-hander on the outer reef, and the water is often very dirty, definitely not worthed.

Here are the spots we love the most:


The town of Selong Belanak is about 25 minutes drive to the west of Kuta Lombok. It is the best spot for beginners, as it is a very mellow beach break with a sandy bottom. 

You will arrive at a beautiful long white sandy beach that does not offer long green waves, but has an excellent white water break to practice. 

Selong Belanak works the best on a mid-tide with a 3-5 ft swell, and you can surf here all year round.


Air Guling, which in the local language literally means rolling water, is located just around one bay from Kuta. 

You will arrive at a big bay with a middle channel separating the left and right on either side. There is good consistency on the south and southwest swells, but the offshore easterlies work better than in other Lombok surf spots, so it tends to get choppy. 

Air Guling - Right

This right-hand wave can hold both big and small swells, and works best in low to mid-tide. It can be a long playful ride with a nice wall or a fast barreling wave.

Air Guling - Left

A left-hand wave breaks on the left side of the bay and is faster and more hollow with a shorter ride. This wave works best on a midsize swell, 4-5 ft, and mid to high tide. Air Guling left usually is less crowded than the right.  

Works best in the rainy season (October - April). Both are reef breaks, with the left tending to be a bit more shallow and sharp. 

The waves are breaking in the middle of the bay. You can get a boat to drop you at the lineup or just paddle out. 


A short 10 minutes drive east of Kuta. All levels

Seger beach is a must-visit; it delivers some fun and snappy waves and offers one of the best sunset spots close to Kuta.

It's close to Kuta with a short paddle out. At Seger, you will find both the left and right waves, with the right being more famous and consistent. 

This break works best in the rainy season and on mid to high tide as it sits on a shallow sharp reef with plenty of sea urchins. Seger works best on small to midsize days as it can't hold a big swell. 

Seger Right 

This is a short, fun wave with a fast takeoff. The wave is known to be shifty, and you can expect some strong currents when the swell is big and the tide is high. 

Seger Left 

Works best on a mid-tide and is more mellow than the right, making it a better option for beginners - intermediate. Seger left tends to be a favorite surf spot by many local groms.


This is probably the most common place visited by surfers, because it offers a variety of breaks inside the bay. 

Gerupuk is a fishing village located about 20 minutes east from Kuta - drive along the MotoGP circuit. 

You must catch a small boat, to get to your choice of 5 different breaks for all surf levels (depending on swell and tides). There are mainly reef breaks, and rights dominate over lefts.

Inside: All levels

Inside is beautiful and mellow, with a long right that is almost always firing. You can surf the wave on a lower tide as a soft grass reef covers the bottom.   

This wave works most times of the year, but is the best in the rain season and can hold all size swells. It is fun for beginners to intermediate on the small to midsize days and perfect for the more experienced riders on a big swell. 

The most popular upper-beginner wave is Inside, but it's ridiculously busy these days.

DonDon: Beginner/Advanced.

DonDon is an A-frame wave with both left and right being equally good. This wave needs a medium to large swell to break and has an easy takeoff with a long ride. Perfect for the beginners on a medium swell and better for the more experienced on a big swell.

Outside Right: Intermediate/Advanced.

This break sits on an outer reef and pics up much swell, making it best for small to midsize days. The wave has a steep takeoff with a fast inside and barreling sections. There are several peaks to choose from; the Inside tends to get smaller and easier for the less experienced surfers. The best time to surf is in the rain season when the tide is not too low due to its sharp and shallow reef.

Outside is bigger and has multiple takeoff points.  

Outside Left: Advanced.

Outside left is a fast and hollow left hand wave that sits on a shallow reef. It works best on a small swell and is very wind sensitive. The best tide is mid to high. 

Kids Point: Beginner/Intermediate.

Kids Point is a fun wave that only works on a big swell. It's perfect for both beginners and intermediate surfers. It's a right wave with a nice shape. This is a great spot to go to when everything else is too big.


A 30 minute boat ride from Awang harbor, you will find Ekas bay. It's a longer drive and a longer boat ride out to Ekas Bay to the east of town but it's sometimes worth it. Because the inside break here is a nice left, over a deep reef that's perfect if you're coming up from sand. It's also less busy than most breaks in the area.

All levels

With two waves Ekas Inside and Ekas Outside, this is a place for all levels. Ekas works all year round being located next to the hill, protecting it from the wind in the dry season. 

Ekas Inside

A fun wave for beginners, to the intermediate surfers it's a more mellow wave. It holds a left and a right wave, with the right being a bit steeper and shorter and the left more mellow and longer. This wave works best on a 5-6 ft swell and low to mid tide. 

Ekas Outside 

Tends to pick up more swell and is a steep left wave that can give barreling sections. The best time to surf is on a higher tide with an overhead SE swell.


30 minutes west out of Kuta. Intermediate/Advanced

Mawi is one of the most famous waves in south Lombok and is the best and most consistent surf break in the dry season. Mawi is an A-frame reef break that will give you a fun right wave on a small to midsize swell with faster barreling sections on a lower tide. The left wave can hold all swells but works best on a 6-8 ft swell and offshore winds, delivering some clean open barrels.

Mawi is working all year round but is best in the dry season with east offshore winds and more consistent swell. On a smaller day and higher tide, this wave can be a fun wave for beginners to intermediate. But on mid to large swell, it's suitable for the more experienced surfers due as the wave becomes more powerful with strong currents.


Mawun Beach Kuta Lombok is one of the most picturesque beaches that you'll find on the Indonesia island of Lombok. 

Mawun Beach is located approximately 20 minutes from Kuta and the accessibility to the beach is quite rough. 

You must pay 10 000 IDR to enter, because it is apparently a protected area. Once you pay and enter you gotta be really careful as the road is super rocky, steep, uneven and generally challenging for a scooter as well as car. After rain it is muddy and slippery. Be ready to encounter a herd of water buffaloes and other fauna.

Mawun in South Lombok is a fairly exposed reef break that has reasonably consistent surf and can work at any time of the year. The best wind direction is from the north. This break tends to receive distant groundswells and the ideal swell direction is from the south southwest. Offers both left and right reefs. Watch out for rocks.


Tanjung Aan or Pantai Aan is one of the most popular Lombok surf spots in the Kuta area for all levels. Only 15 minutes east from Kuta and you will arrive at a beautiful round bay with a long white sand beach.

In the middle of the bay, you will find a long A-frame wave. This wave is so much fun for beginners and longboarders on smaller days, as you can get a long, fun ride.

Pretty much a mellow reef break on the inside of the bay with a left and a right, but it can get packed pretty fast.


On the bigger days, the wave gets more powerful with a nice wall, and the current can get strong. The best time to surf is during the rainy season on a mid to high tide.


Well, indeed, Lombok has plenty of eye-catching spots for my longboarder girls. The weather is pretty summery!


Remember to take care of your skin protection before and after jump into the water. Here is a guide for skincare routine for surfer you can check! Stay forever young! 


If you find any hidden gem other than the ones mentioned above, feel free to tell me? Reach out anytime to Ninefoot’s Instagram.