How to cross-step on a surf longboard. Ninefoot studio with Dana Hamann @dancelightly_

As surfers we came across frustration when we are just starting to learn, this is a totally normal feeling. Surfing can look easy, and really graceful when someone has the right skills and lots of experience, or even a lifetime of practice. But when you try to learn, it can also be really (really, really) challenging.

For this we partner with Dana, she is one of my favourite longboarders here in Bali. She has great skills, and also she coaches others to learn new ocean knowledge/ skills here in her surf longboard retreats.

So, I asked Dana to launch a series of videos about how to do some surf tricks.

The first one was How to cross step.

That graceful intermediate-advanced surf trick, that any longboarder wants to learn.

Dana explain the process in three easy steps-

Step number 1.- Position yourself correctly on the board and wave before taking off. Make sure you are not too far forward on your board and the wave is going to break nicely so when you pop up there is a beautiful wall in front of you to dance on and white wash behind you. Look for the high line after you have taken off so you can set yourself up to be in a good position on the wave to begin your movement.

Step number 2.- Stay centered, in the middle of your board on the stringer, this will give you the best balance.

Step number 3.- Stay low and move slow. Keep your knees a little bent in an athletic and prepared position to move quickly if needed, then begin an effortless and smooth cross step towards the nose of your board.

It's all about practice, the more you do something the better you will get. Work through the frustrations, don't be afraid to fall and learn from failures, this will help! I encourage you to try things you don’t think you can do to build confidence and self trust. Always Believe! 

Thank you so much for watching our video and reading our post on how to cross step with Dana. We look forward to working together again. If you have any questions or want help with something specific please reach out to us and let us know!