Ninefoot Studio is a women's sustainable surfing activewear brand powered by a passion for surfing and design.

We design with the waves in mind, creating pieces to compliment every wavedancer with our minimalist design, clean lines, and perfect fit to support women with style and comfort.

We aim to empower women to feel, think and move confidently. Because we know that to perform the best, you must feel the best.

Therefore we create swell-proof surfwear for active women, designed, made, and tested by surfers who love their craft and understand the challenging conditions of the ocean.

As a surf brand, we intend to balance quality activewear and deliver recycled and eco-friendly garments to help our environment in every aspect.

We are excited to grow our community of wavedancers where every female surfer gets to feel comfortable, confident and empowered.


It all started with surfing when Lucia, the founder & designer of Ninefoot Studio, began to understand the problem with the surf bikinis that lacked performance and quality.

She wanted to design the surf swimsuit and bikinis that would not float away with the whitewash after a bigger set. The surf activewear which will be designated for surfing and cover every surfer's needs.

The design process is done from scratch in her small tropical studio in Bali. Each unique piece is designed and created with a clear vision, making it comfortable and functional.

Ninefoot Studio doesn't design just for aesthetics, it goes beyond that. It is an extensive process of designing, creating samples, and experimenting with colors, patterns, new materials, etc. Some samples never come to life, but it's part of creating. That’s what makes each of our pieces unique. And seeing it all come to life is worth it!


Materials play a fundamental part in the style and philosophy at Ninefoot Studio.

In our business, we do not use plastic. Furthermore, we use recycled "plastic" scooped out of the sea and turned into eco-friendly fabrics. Because we care about our environment and the ocean, we love them so much, especially.

We use high-quality Italian recycled lycra, the same lycra used in luxury brands, so we can proudly say that you are buying the material from the future. It is made from pre-post consumer waste from landfills and ocean nets worldwide and transformed into an ECONYL yarn. We use it as our main material in producing active surfing wear.

Tested in real-life conditions, Econyl proved to be four times more resistant to chlorine, sun tan creams, and other sunblock oils, also has UV 50+ sun protection, with shape retention and a premium texture and feel. Not only are you buying excellent quality, well-designed pieces, but for each piece, you are helping to stop the harmful effects of fishing nets in the marine ecosystem and supporting the slow fashion movement.

We are minimalists and ocean lovers who create eco-friendly products that perform well even after years of use. Affecting the environment the least possibility is a standard that we don't compromise.


One person generates almost 1kg of trash daily. Most of it is single-use-plastic packaging, which makes together about 400 million tonnes of plastic waste every year, causing fatal damage on our planet's ecosystem

Our brand is incorporating ways of conserving our waste products into an environmentally friendly distribution process. Contribute to keeping our planet greener and oceans bluer by selecting more sustainable and eco-friendly options for our production and shipping.

For international orders, which is the majority, we use reusable, recycled pouches that are biodegradable. With every order, we provide our customers with a Ninefoot Studio linen bag they can use forever. All that is shipped in big paper envelopes.

For the folders and the new stickers, we use cardboard paper. 

We desire to become role models and encourage people to be more mindful. Even though any system is perfect, we twist and work all the way around it.


When Lucia came up with creating and launching a sustainable lifestyle company, she wanted a vital and ethical production. She was unhappy with the marketplace filled with commercially-made pieces from mass production that have no clue about surfing and don't even care about the environment and the ocean.

At first, it was challenging, and it took us more than two years to source a factory that would meet our specific requests. We believe fast fashion degrades the environment and that small-batch production, products manufactured in small factories run by local families, and ethical production process.

Our headquarters design studio is in Bali, and we want to support small communities here. Quality control of the outcome is essential, the carbon footprint is reduced if it is made locally.

We have proudly dedicated ourselves to creating premium, sustainable, and wearable products that, wherever new adventures are, still positively impact our local communities.

International designed and handcrafted in Indonesia.

From us to you.